Sunday School


The KFC class has created a path along a large sheet of paper. The path represents the journey through Lent from Ash Wednesday to Easter. Each week, the class reads scripture that helps them consider a symbol to place along the path. For example, in Mathew 4:2-4, Satan tempts Jesus to change rocks into bread, and Jesus responds saying “man cannot live by bread alone.”  Our symbols for the first portion of the journey are a rock and bread. 

Before we started our “journey,” we discussed the importance of prayer and ways in which we can pray during each week of Lent.  Each student was given a copy of the Lord’s Prayer and was encouraged to pray with their families each day, as Pastor Harlan suggested in the last newsletter,  Then each student created a “prayer cup,” decorating a cup and placing craft sticks that list various ideas for prayer in each cup. They are to remove one of these sticks each day and pray for the person listed or thank God for whatever they wrote on the sticks.  

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