Alleluia! Christ is Risen!  Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. As our time of reflection, repentance and self-denial draws to a close our thoughts turn to new life. Spring has come early this year which is a blessing as many of us are staying home. It gives us the opportunity to be outdoors enjoying fresh air and sunshine and, for some, a head start on spring clean-up in the yard! 

While it may not be possible for us to congregate in the sanctuary for Easter Sunday service, we have opportunities for worshiping together online. Pastor Matt has offered Sunday messages and morning and evening prayers each day. We are fortunate to have this avenue is so important at this uncertain time. 

We pray that it won’t be too long before we can come together again in worship as our own faith community. It will be time for new growth both spiritually and in everyday life. There will be a greater appreciation of things we have long taken for granted. 

To that end the deacons have chosen AVillage (  ) for our Easter Special Offering. It is local organization dedicated to environmental, economic and social justice for residents of South Albany. Some of their programs include community gardens and a South End farmers’ market. Part of their vision is to have worker-owned and worker-managed businesses. They are a small community trying to make changes for a healthier, sustainable and equitable life. 

So please use the “Give” button  below to make a donation. Let’s all help AVillage ( ) make a positive change for their own community.

Annette Jordan


38 Church Road

Selkirk, New York