Dear Members and Friends of First Reformed Church of Bethlehem:

Easter is upon us! We have come through our 40 days of Lenten sacrifice, solemnity, and spiritual reflection. As the days have gotten longer, we seem to be coming out of the darkness and into the light. The closer we get to the joyous day of Christ’s resurrection, the warmer we feel in body and spirit.

The week before Easter signifies many important events. Palm Sunday reminds us of what was to come after Jesus entered Jerusalem. From Maundy Thursday comes The Lord’s Supper and his new commandment to love one another. Good Friday reminds us of Christ’s suffering and death on the cross. Easter Sunday is the resurrection and promise of eternal life!

For our children, Easter may have more precious thoughts such as the Easter Bunny, candy, baskets, treats, and colored eggs. They too are excited! It is with that in mind that we have again turned our thoughts to young people in need.

This year the deacons would like to direct our Easter offering to the Double H Ranch. This facility is a camp with specialized programs for kids that have life-threatening illnesses, who would not otherwise be able to have this wonderful experience. Please use the enclosed envelope for your Easter offering. It is with full hearts that we can give this meaningful gift.

Annette Jordan,


Harlan E. Ratmeyer, Pastor

38 Church Rd.

Selkirk, New York