As the pandemic restrictions are lessening, we will return to worship in our Sanctuary on May 2nd.   All precautions will continue. You will be asked to sign in, we will ask your vaccination status, masks will be worn, social distancing will be maintained.   We will continue to broadcast the service to the parking lot for anyone who prefers to remain in their cars.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Donna Lasher or any consistory member.  Remember, church is where you want it to be!

On March 21st, I had an opportunity to lead worship at The United Church of Bellows Falls. This is a UCC congregation in south eastern Vermont. The point of this opportunity was for the congregation to see me in action and get to know me. So early on a Sunday morning I: navigated worship, answered questions the congregation had, and stepped out as the congregation voted on extending a call for me to be their next pastor. 


And in exciting news…they voted unanimously to extend me a call!


After conversations with friends, mentors, and family I finally made the tough decision to accept this call. Therefore, beginning June 20th, I will be the new pastor of The United Church of Bellows Falls. This means that our time together will come to an end. My final Sunday leading worship will be June 6th.


My time with all of you has been of such value to my life and growth as a pastor. When I came here in August we had no idea what would happen a few months later. The way we did church changed dramatically. However, you continued to adapt and be flexible as we tried new things. You continued to show up online and in person. We did church in all weather imaginable. You made doing ministry in a time of pandemic a whole lot easier. Your resilience and commitment to one another convicts me. And amidst that you showed me love and acceptance. You treated me as one of your own. You helped create a community that indeed is a “Family of God”. Thank you! Thank you for all your continued support, love, and prayers as we enter into these next steps together.



Pastor Matt

*There will be at time of celebration and well wishes for Pastor Matt after worship on Sunday, June 6th.

Although the pandemic may have altered the physical walk itself, by no means has the need diminished. If anything, food insecurity continues to increase as food banks and pantries across our country and the world have been stretched, often beyond their limit. Our faith community here at FRCB has always been generous in contributing to the annual CROP walk and we are hopeful that the trend will continue this year. Please consider making a donation if at all possible. Remember that 25% of all proceeds stay right here in our local community, including our own Venture Churches Food Pantry. Make checks payable to CWS/CROP. Cash will also be accepted. Feel free to drop your donation right in the collection plate or send it in to the church.  Donations will be accepted up until May 30th. Thank you!!

Thank you to Brian Jordan for our newly built entry to the Sanctuary.  The floor is strong and beautiful. We can use that door again.  Thank you, Brian!


Thank you to Glenn Lasher for replacing valves in the men's restroom downstairs.  New valves and piping have stopped a leak that was wasting gallons of water. Thank you, Glenn!


Thank you to Pastor Glenn Van Oort for his service to our congregation from March 2019 to March 2021. During that time Pastor Glenn often shared stories of Sophie the Pony.  To honor Rev. Glenn, our consistory has purchased 25 copies of his book about Sophie.  The books will be given to children of families served by Venture Churches Food Pantry and libraries at our local elementary schools.  Thank you, Pastor Glenn, for your dedication and caring for our church family.

A bird family has taken up residence in the wreath on the door for the handicapped ramp.  If you still need to use the ramp, PLEASE be very aware of the young family we have growing there.  Open the door very carefully and be sure to close it most GENTLY and fully when you have entered.  We are excited that an avian family has decided to take up residence here this year.  Please try to keep the curious young (and older) folks away from it as well.  Thank you in advance.

Offerings may be made on-line via and the Give button below. These donations will be deposited directly into the church bank account. You have the option to give to either the General or Renovation Fund. Both and the church will record your donations. deducts a small fee per credit card transaction (2.65% plus $0.30). You have the option to cover these fees, if you wish. You may also choose to have automatically donate for you weekly or monthly.

As always, thank you for your generosity.