November 1, 2020 at 10:00AM

As we return to the Sanctuary, we will continue broadcasting to the parking lot on 1590 AM for those who may not feel comfortable going indoors. We also plan to provide the service on Facebook, either live streamed or after the service. We are happy you will find a way to worship with us!

We ask that you be prepared to comply with the following guidelines for the indoor service.

  • If you are not feeling well in any way, PLEASE stay home.  This is for everyone’s safety.
  • Please wear a face covering (mask) at all times while in the building.
  • Use hand sanitizer, as needed.  Dispensers will be available at all entrances.
  • Enter using the ramp or dining room doors only.
  • Proceed to the greeter who will be at the sanctuary door. They will write down your name and phone number to create a contact list, should we need it.
  • There will also be a container for your offering.
  • Enter the sanctuary and sit in any open pew, maintaining social distancing from others.
  • Remain seated throughout the entire service.
  • Responses will be spoken, not sung.
  • Hum along as hymns are played. Singing has been proven to be one of the quickest ways to spread the virus.
  • We will wish God's peace to others, but we will not move about greeting one another.
  • Hymn books and pew bibles have been removed. Please feel free to bring your own bible.
  • After the benediction, please leave the sanctuary while still honoring social distancing.
  • Please return to the parking lot through the doors you entered.
  • You are welcome to visit outdoors. Sadly, we cannot offer coffee hour.
  • On Communion Sundays, individually wrapped elements will be available as you enter.  Each pre-packaged component will consist of a small cup of juice and a Communion wafer. You may also bring your own juice and bread.

All of this is our best attempt to worship together safely.   If circumstances change, we will adapt as well. We welcome any suggestions you may have.

Offerings may be made on-line via and the Give button below. These donations will be deposited directly into the church bank account. You have the option to give to either the General or Renovation Fund. Both and the church will record your donations. deducts a small fee per credit card transaction (2.65% plus $0.30). You have the option to cover these fees, if you wish. You may also choose to have automatically donate for you weekly or monthly.

As always, thank you for your generosity.


38 Church Road

Selkirk, New York