As of November 15, the uptick in COVID-19 cases in Albany County has returned us to worshipping outdoors. We will be broadcasting to the parking lot on 1590 AM. We also plan to provide the service on Facebook, either live streamed or after the service. 

All of this is our best attempt to worship together safely.   If circumstances change, we will adapt as well. We welcome any suggestions you may have.

Offerings may be made on-line via and the Give button below. These donations will be deposited directly into the church bank account. You have the option to give to either the General or Renovation Fund. Both and the church will record your donations. deducts a small fee per credit card transaction (2.65% plus $0.30). You have the option to cover these fees, if you wish. You may also choose to have automatically donate for you weekly or monthly.

As always, thank you for your generosity.

What a year! In the midst of all the uncertainty came life, a lot of creativity and a continued commitment by all at FRCB to make worshipping a reality. Great things were born throughout the year!

As the year begins to close, we need to turn our attention to our Annual Renovation Fund Drive. Year-to-date, we’ve raised close to $7,500 of our annual goal of $20,000. That said, we have a little work to do but, with a big push, our goal is achievable!

Remember, the money given to the Renovation Fund goes directly towards paying down the principal on our loan. This will ultimately reduce the term of the loan and the interest amount.

The push is on to reach our 2020 goal! All donations received by January 10, 2021 will be put toward our 2020 goal. We ask that you give what you can and, for those who wish, giving can be done online at the FRCB website using the link below.

Continued safe health to all!!