Our Sunday School in Action

During January, our Sunday school lessons focused on how God shows Himself to us in the world, just as He shows the magi where to go during Epiphany. We served God's Earth by making edible decorations for the birds and hanging them on the Christmas tree outside. This lesson was extra special, as we were joined by a furry guest. We learned about the tradition of chalking the door, in which we ask God to bless our church and homes as we are taught in Deuteronomy. The students worked together to make a large banner for the church as well as small banners for their homes. Pastor Jenn echoed this message in her worship service and blessed chalk for all congregants to take away to participate in this tradition. At the end of the month our youngest disciples will be working on a service project to benefit our wider FRCB community."

Youth Group

Pastor Jenn has some great ideas for a youth group for all middle school and high school students. We will collaborate with Jerusalem Reformed Church and meet once a month for fun, food, and fellowship ! It’s been a long time since we’ve offered a youth group at our church, so join us. Be sure to check Upcoming Events for dates and location.

Our Joint Youth Group Busy Having Fun

The First Reformed Church of Bethlehem/Jerusalem Reformed Church Youth group spent last Sunday evening at JRC making Easter Pretzels!!